I am Orit Harpaz. In Hebrew, my first name means little light and my last name means golden mountain. Light is central to my world. Photography is all about seeing and using light and I try my best to embody light. I'm an eternal optimist, a good listener, and my glass is always half full.

Being a native Angeleno has made me appreciate the richness of diversity in culture, religion, language and people. I am mother to a sweet and loving 14 year old son and wife to my best friend for 18 years. My family is my rock.

Life is about relationships and it all starts with family. Capturing and preserving connections of love is what I find most inspiring - the way a baby looks at his mother, the tender kisses a father gives his daughter, the smiles and laughter between siblings. These are the moments that help define our identity, our history and our link to those we love and care about.

As a visual family historian and memory keeper it would be my honor to preserve your family history.



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Photo of me by Aimee Levy